Fish Hunter Espumante
Have you ever thought of fishing in an ecological paradise, or spending your honeymoon visiting the most stunning beaches in Fernando de Noronha aboard the most beautiful fishing boat on the island? Fish Hunter offers the best sightseeing and ocean fishing tours in Fernando de Noronha. Our tours and fishing trips are tailor-made to please even the most demanding tourists, whether they are a passionate couple, fans of ocean fishing or a group of friends in search of fun. And you don’t have to bring anything! We offer all the necessary professional fishing gear to make your trip a memorable experience.
Fish Hunter Noronha
Go on a ride aboard the most beautiful power cruiser in Fernando de Noronha, a 32-feet Carbrasmar, well equipped with two 320hp Mercedes engines, with capacity for 14 people. It has a VHF radio, GPS, Garmin Map, Furuno FCV 620 depth sounder. There is also a private cabin with toilet, a large fishing deck, and complete rescue equipment, since all the fun needs the highest level of safety. Emotion, adrenaline, fun and adventure in one of the most beautiful places in the planet. Come to Fernando de Noronha and make your dream of incredible fishing and sightseeing come true with Fish Hunter!


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